Welcome to Bageshwari Academy,

It is an immense pleasure to express my feelings with the respected guardians and all the well-wishers.

It is not a new name of Bageshwari Academy after 2063 which is raised up in the short period of time with its academically leading and exalting performance not only in Kohalpur region but also in Mid-Western Development Region. In the starting of quality education and alternative qualitative accessing educational  organization with the motto of ‘Quality Never Says, ’Sorry’ it came in exist and started to lead the private organization of this region with its potent and skillful manpower enhancing practical and life oriented education to the students. We have managed everything at school. If you want to choose this school as a new comer, you need not to be worried about your child’s future. As per the persisting demand of our students and guardians, we have realized the need of global and practical education.

As a school with a tradition of academic excellence, we work to create an environment that fosters Reason Respect and Responsibility in young minds. Our team of teachers is trained and highly motivated.

However difficult things are at present, we are optimistic about our country’s future because it is the future that we are building at Bageshwari Academy.

We invite you to learn more about Bageshwari Academy School that works to create a dynamic learning environment for children, teachers and parents in Mid-Western Development Region.

Thank you,