Bageshwori Academy has been running school and college level programs in day and morning shifts respectively. The details about the programs have been given below:


School Programs

Bageshwori Academy is running classes in English medium from kindergarten to grade ten. Grade teaching from kindergarten to grade one – all by female teachers – has been successful to create a sense of motherhood in classes for small children with rapid development of their knowledge and skills. From grade two, we encourage our students to learn from everybody and everything as they have now started to play out of mother’s lap. So, subject teaching begins from grade two onwards, where qualified, competent and well trained subject teachers play a great role to lead the students. Besides, BA evaluation system in Bageshwori Academy is a teaching and evaluation asset to make students careful and excited about their all kinds of activities – school/home discipline, homework, class work, hygiene, language, uniform, co-curricular activities and many more.  It bears 100 marks like other major subjects and is counted in results.


Regarding some significant subjects, computer is a must from grade four to grade ten. Along with other compulsory subjects, computer, accountancy and optional mathematics are optional subjects for the students of grade nine and ten. Moreover, the school never compromises with quality education and discipline along with sports and other co-curricular activities.

Class Hours: 10:00 am to 4:00 pm                                     Office Hours: 9:30 am to 4:30 pm


College Programs

After the encouragement and inspiration from school level programs, Bageshwori Academy succeeded to get its affiliation to Tribhuvan University in 2066 for three years’ B.Ed. program and B.B.S. program has started two years after Bageshwori Academy ran the B.Ed. program. The main objective of the B.Ed. program is to prepare competitive and professional man power in teaching sectors, and the main objective of the B.B.S. program is to develop outstanding personalities who can really address the challenges and opportunities of banking, marketing, financial, auditing, accounting, and other economics sectors.