Bageshwori Academy: True Learning Center

Bageshwori Academy is simply a true learning center, where we help improve discipline reading, speaking, writing, listening, attention, social perception, reasoning, learning, sports, responsibility and efficiency – all in English. Established in 2063 BS, Bageshwori Academy has the same spirit now and will be among you with the same spirit in the future. This institution is funded and supported by 13 founders from various fields, and run by academic intellectuals.

In fact, Bageshwori Academy emerged in Kohalpur locality with 193 students from kindergarten to grade seven and this year entered the 9th year after the grand success of 2067 SLC examination in which Bageshwori Academy, with the first SLC batch, topped all the local schools in Kohalpur, which had been preparing SLC students for many years. Now Bageshwori Academy has 1473 students from Kindergarten to Ten, and 110 stud ents in Bageshwari Vidyashram  which is run by the same intellectuals. There are about 55 teaching staff and 30 non-teaching staff are employed. However we don’t say ‘Bageshwori Academy is the best’, but simply claim ‘It is better than all of them.’ No more words; no more talk! Please visit the school, each and every part together will prove you this claim. It’s all clear that during the short span of time, it has emerged with no alternatives in this region but only one out of many in the fields of infrastructures, methodologies and education that assure all of you to materialize your and our ultimate dreams, aims and objectives, and all the way prove “Bageshwori Academy is a true learning center.”