Codes and Standards

Behind the success of a system lie great hands of codes and standards, which, in fact, limit or allow all kinds of activities in an institution. We know all human beings are wild animals without a system, and no system functions without codes and standards. Therefore, Bageshwari Academy runs all its activities in a system under the following codes and standards. A breach of any of codes and standards is strictly recorded in respective BA Evaluation and students’ personal files, and actions are taken as per requirement. The principal is all responsible to maintain codes and standards with the support of teaching/non-teaching staff and various relevant committees.

  1. School/College Uniform and Personal Appearance
  • Students must be in proper school/college uniform during school/college hours. (Play group students don’t have to wear school/college uniform)
  • Students must be in sports uniform provided by the school while taking part in sports activities.
  • Students have to be neat and clean and have desirable length of hair.
  • Students are not supposed to use or wear fancy items, jewelleries, watch, cosmetics, expensive items and gaudy items.
  1. Punctuality
  • Students must enter school/ college 15 minutes before the classes start or as per a notice.
  • Students repeatedly coming late will be penalized.
  • Students shall leave the school only after their last lesson is over.
  • As per the requirement, parents will be notified about their children’s late arrivals on the phone/written notification/ visit.
  1. Transportation
  • A student using the school transport should strictly follow the pickup and drop station and time given by the school administration. School will not be responsible for the delays from the side of the student.
  • Any changes in transport system should be submitted in written to the administration.
  • No abrupt changes will be entertained in the transport facility.
  • Pickup and drop stops will be determined by the school to the nearest possible point from student’s home.
  1. Examination
  • It is mandatory for a student to sit for all kinds of examinations/tests conducted by the school.
  • A student missing examination for trifle reasons will be penalized.
  • Performances of a student in all kinds of examinations/tests will be recorded and taken into account while upgrading the student.
  • Parents/Guardians of a student should compulsorily come to the school to collect his/her progress report on the date and time mentioned by the school. Reports will not be handed over to the student at any cost.
  • Students should maintain minimum of 90% attendance to be upgraded.
  1. Fees
  • Admission fee or any other fee is not refundable. However, security deposit can be refunded at the end of the academic session if a student wants to leave school.
  • Students should pay the fees on time, as mentioned by the account office.
  • If the account dues of a student are not cleared, the student will be barred from sitting in the class/exam.
  • Fees can be increased according to the increase in the market price.
  1. Miscellaneous
  • Name of an absentee (student) for a long interval without any information to the school- administration can be removed from the register.
  • Fighting, bullying and any kind of discrimination and harassment are strictly prohibited. Anyone caught doing so will be seriously dealt with.
  • Breaking, vandalizing and misuse of school property will lead to severe action.
  • Parents/Guardians should first take an appointment to meet the Principal, Coordinator and Teachers during the school hours.
  • Parents/Guardians are requested to relay the information through their wards’ dairy not through the telephone calls.
  • No student will be handed over to any parents/guardians until and unless they produce the parent’s ID card at the school gate.

All the parents/guardians are requested to give their valuable suggestions and ideas to make school better.