Secondary Education Examination (SEE) Result 2073

SEE Result 2073 is highly renowned for Bageshwari Academy. We have led to all the Mid-western Development region with excellent result. Out of 90 students 9 students hold A+ or 90% above marks ( GPA 3.85 is obtained by 3 students Dipesh Aryal, Barsat Bhandari, and Keshav Rokaya) (GPA 3.80 Deepak B.C., GPA 3.75 Bandana Neupane, GPA 3.70 Naman Subedi, GPA 3.65 by Krishna Rana, Himal Poudel, and Miraj Lamichhane), 28 students hold A or 80% to 89% , 50 students hold B+ or 70% to 79% and 3 students got B or 60% to 69% and make Bageshwari Academy feel proud.

Congratulations to all the successful SEE graduates ……wishing your bright future ahead….